Grown Up

What i wore:
Belle Ivy White Mini Dress (wearing as top) | ZARA White Blazer | Mangga Dua Black Pencil Skirt
New Look clutch | Bugis Vintage Watch | June+Julia boots
ModCloth Heart Shape Necklace | Bugis Bracelets

Outfit details:

Time is ticking, and it won't stop for even a second. Every memories of our childhood together keep coming back, haunting me from time to time. I, who hold everything dear and close to my heart, got fascinated by every memories of us being together. You were my best friends, and no one were close enough like you were to me. You were my twins, my shadow, my light, and my sisters. We did almost everything together. But time is cruel, to take you away from me by forcing us to grow older and i can't do anything about it. Watching you spent your time with new people and things became horrible as i want us to stay the way we were. It feels your time ticked faster than mine. I was here watching you run, as i trapped within my childish soul, refusing to grow older. It was cruel. It was horrible. But God knew my pain as He gave me new friends to replace the place you left. From us i know, everything won't stay the same. As every second pass, the world is changing, so do we. People change. And time is ticking.


photos are taken and edited by me

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Anastasia Goenawan