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Hello guys. Sorry for my absent for a month and half. I'm a bad blogger, ne?

Anyway, i was pretty busy with the graduation ceremony for third year students of ESMOD these days, and i will bring the event here. Not much actually since i was busy with the event and couldn't really taking pictures, except for the last day. Here we come!

These was the glimpse of the third year's booths.

Taken from above....

Beside the booths, there're a lot of fashion show going on. I was watching the fashion show on the last day, after the graduation ceremony. Let's skip the ceremony before i writing non-stop about the touchy-feely ceremony. LOL~

I was watching the Jeffry Tan, Cynthia Tan, Albert Yanuar, and HITZ first anniversary fashion show.
The Hitz fashion show had a lot of famous designer showing their creation, like Cynthia Tan, Annie Avantie, Priyo Oktaviano, Imelda Kartini, Albert Yanuar, and a lot moree.... I can't remember all the name..>.< Oh! but i do remember that Harry Darsono also participated in the show <3 p="">
These are some of my favorites. :)

Cynthia Tan's

Look at these details.... *O*

And the creations of Indonesian designers at HITZ Anniversary Fashion Show....

Look at the skirt details....

 The back details is so pretty!

There are some pretty dress i couldn't take because my memory was full...Well, i took a lot of video in this EJFF event so, well....It's happened at the most crucial time. Forgive me.

Okay then, see you again soon (i hope)....

Anastasia Goenawan

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  1. OMGG~ the dresses are gorgeous! love the dress with the rose detailing x3

    cheer, michelle


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