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Hi guys! (^o^)/) How are you?

My life just started to become busier here. The lesson become more complicated and difficult, and I have to study (or in my case, only read the textbook once or twice) for everyday's test and homework. Well, not that I'm a model student type, but I have to survive this if I want to pursue my dream to become designer.

Anyway! If you're my loyal reader, you must notice that I've some obsession with shoes, specially with boots! (≧⌣≦  ) Well, since my country was not a 4 season country, the boots choices was a little bit limited. But since now I'm living at Tokyo (and it's going to be winter soon), my craving for a suitable boots became so high. (Oh, forgive me mom!)

So, when I checked this website, Shoespie, I totally fall in love!

You know, I've been craving for knee high boots for ages (honestly!),
and when I check their knee high boots HERE,
I couldn't stop browsing. *__*

Specially since they also have the Black Friday deals! Ho-ho!
As a normal girl, I can't ever resist the SALE or OFFER or BEST DEALS that's going on!
I have to peek into their Black Friday Cheap Boots collection!

After taking my time checking their lovely shoes (o ³ )o ~♡,
I decided to share with you guys about my choices for their BEST DEALS!
You guys checked them out too! Get your shoes with best price they offered now!

Knee-high Boots:

Ankle boots:

And these two are my favorite.

Both of my favorite are the simple one, yes. I do like a simple and comfy shoes more than one with a lot of accessories. So, what's your favorite?

Share with me!



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    I hope you join and if you do, good luck!! <3
    Fashion gets Fierce.


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