Autumn Trip 2015 - Kinugawa Onsen

Hello from Japan! Long time no see~

Shoes: Charles & Keith

This time I'm going to share my short autumn gateway to Kinugawa Onsen, and my side trip to Nikko. Lately I seemed to post about my trip journal rather than fashion-related-stuff, but it's okay. This trip is a 2 days 1 night trip, as I spent my first day at Nikko.

This couple took their sweet time walking and snapping pictures of the momiji and I didn't have any patience left, so I took pictures with them inside of my frame instead.

I went to Shinkyo bridge, Toshogu shrine; but it was under maintenance, Futarasan Shrine, and Tomozawa Imperial Villa. I actually wanted to go to Lake Chuzenji and Ryuzu waterfall, but since it's passed their peak season, the turist information center didn't recommend me to go there. I also supposed to go to Kangmangafuchi Abyss and Botanical garden since it's supposed to be near Tomozawa Imperial Villa, but i couldn't find the way there by walking. In the end, I run out of time and need to catch the train to go to Kinugawa onsen. Well, there always next time. ;)

 And the Tomazawa Imperial Villa....


I only ate dinner and have a good rest on the hotel that night, as I prepared myself to get up at 6.30 in the morning to enjoy myself in their open air onsen, before had a breakfast. It was a beautiful onsen, but I didn't expect a lot of ladies was there when I opened the door.

The genkan of my hotel room. It's spacious enough for 3 people, and I'm alone. It's even bigger than my apartment in Tokyo.

The room set up

My breakfast

And my dessert.

This is the scenery from my hotel room's window ^^

I checked out the hotel early that day to go to the trick art museum they have there. The satff was kind enough to help me take pictures since I was alone. It's not a big place, so 1 hour is enough time to spend there taking pictures (and even help me with pose recommendation).

Even though it's passed their peak season, I still got my hand on some of momiji's pictures :)

It was a fun trip! Some of my friends was shocked when they know I went there alone, but for me, it's a common thing to do. Since it's impossible to always go with family or friends due to different taste and schedule, I think it's better to be brave and explore as much as you want when you're young! :) So when you think you need a gateaway, it's always a fine choice to go explore the world alone ;)

See you next time!

The view from the train

my attempt to snap momiji pictures with polaroid



photos are taken by me (and the trick museum's staff) with Sony alpha 5000

Anastasia Goenawan


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