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こんにちわみんあーさん!!\(≧∇≦)/  おげんきですか?Yep, yep. I start to learn Japanese these past week. haha.. This post is a late post actually, since i focused on my holiday diary overview. ごめなさいね。

Two weeks ago, i was invited to attend a blogger gathering held by what i wear. The gathering was held at HKC Central Park Mall. What i wear itself is a fashion website based on Indonesia -if you never heard of it, just imagine it like lookbook- I met with a lot of fashion blogger there and got new friends. :) psst, i met the pretty siblings -Ruby and Rosa from Ruby and Rosa, the cute girls -Rosalinda Tijoe from Nine in the Afternoon, Febrina Utami from Febrina Utami, Natalie Kartikaputri from Natzcracker, Julian T from Journal J, and many more....can't mention one by one. But all of them are pretty and cool and cute and friendly~~

These photos was what i could take at the gathering...

Cathy was the only one who realize about my candid camera

With Ruby, Rosa and Febrina ♡

they're so serious on decorating the banner

With Athaya

With Athaya, Kristel and Bella

It was fun. I hope we can meet again soon.. :) So, now about my outfit. The dresscode was black-white-orange. I don't have many orange stuff in my closet so i decided to go simple with black and white (with some blue), i did wear orange nail polish on my nails~ LOL~

My hair was super messy that day, so yeah -i decided to tie all of them into a bun. haha..It turned out good, didn't it?

Basically i was trying to match all stuff i haven't wear for ages. Like the white shirt (and its tie) and the sneakers-wedges. And after i did the make-up and dressed up, i realize i kinda look like a waitress but without the skirt and the apron.

What i wear:
white shirt (and its tie) - my collection from ages ago | denim short - Mangga Dua
cat tattoo stocking - Japan | sneakers wedges - Decimal Shoes | vintage watch - Bugis, Singapore
bracelet - Pit a Pat | bag - Spain | softlens - gowigasa

The cat tattoo stocking i bought in Japan

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Photographer: Stephany F. Goenawan
edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Nice to know you cece
    You're so pretty <3

  2. hello, dear =)
    nice to know you..!
    i really wish i can come at this what i wear occasion last time,
    so we can meet >.<

    btw, cool fashion blog !!

    visit mine sometimes, dear =D


    1. Thank you dear! :) we can still meet next time! :*

  3. You look so cute! I love the tights <3
    btw, nice gathering. ahhhh... I envy you. You can meet a lot of lovely bloggers! ^^


    1. Thank you Oline!
      you can meet up with others in your town too my dear~ :)

  4. Following u backk ciciii 《3

  5. Hi! I would like to invite you to join my new giveaway and win a pair of sunglasses from Firmoo.com! Visit me soon! :)


  6. anass tas nya ada kok coba aja tanya sama Ramune nya ;) mereka ada byk warna transparan gitu hehehe. :D
    anyway, I mau take some pictures from your blog ya yang whatiwear gathering hehe, i'll link back :)


    1. Sure! ambil aja Cath..;) hehe...oh aku cek lagi deh..XD hehe..thanks yaa~~


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