Japan Trip 2013 part 2

Hello again guys! (≧∇≦)/ How are you? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

This time i want to continue the overview about my trip to Japan last April. It’s time for Kyoto and Osaka. Actually i got around 300-400 photos in Kyoto and Osaka, but it’s impossible to put all of them here..LOL~ I was in charge of the camera, so i didn’t take much photos of myself, so instead of photos of me, i will put photos about the temple and other places.

Do i mention about temple? Yes! We went to a lot of temple in Kyoto. Ho-ho-ho~ They’re all pretty guys! You have to visit the temple if you go to Kyoto. My recommendation goes to Kinkaku-ji, Kiyomizudera, and Yasaka temple. 

So, let’s begin our full of accidental journey....

Our bento

We were behind our schedule when we arrived at Kyoto. We didn’t expect to spend 6 hours on the way –we expected we will spend only 3 hours huhu. Well, it’s our fault, we counted the journey from Tokyo to Kyoto, not from Kawaguhi-ko to Kyoto. So damn frustated at that time because we just found out there’re only 2 subway line, and the guesthouse was pretty far. So with the help of the guesthouse owner, we re-scheduled our journey agenda and get which bus no. we should take. After put our luggages in our traditional japanese room –yes! Finally we got a guesthouse with a real tatami room and futon. Mwahahaha!! I was frustated when i found out the hotel in Tokyo and Kawaguchi-ko wasn’t a traditional room. Huhu– we quickly went to Kiyomizudera and Gion! It’s a pity Kiyomizudera was already closed when we’re arrived, so we walked a bit to Gion.

I heard you can try traditional japanese clothes and saw geisha in Gion, but appearantly we can only accidentally met with the geisha. Maybe because it’s late and we didn’t know the place well, so we only wandering around in Gion and accidentally found a big temple called Yasaka temple. There’s a festival there i think, with a lot of souvenirs and food stand, we also found a haunted house stand there. We take a quick tour –with me dragging my sister and cousin’s fast pace because i always stop to take some picture. LOL~ I also bought ringo ame (apple sweets) there.

After finished with the tour, we actually wanted to go back to our guesthouse, when accidentally i saw a geisha –with her bodyguard and mama!! Ho-ho-ho! It’s rare to see a geisha in the street you know, so we’re super lucky. It’s prohibited to point or take photo of the geisha, actually. I saw how the bodyguard prohibited the (i dunno if it’s international or local) tourist from taking a photo across the street. Well it’s their fault for their sudden excitement –for pointing and taking their camera out to take a picture of the geisha. I got a glimpse of the geisha with my camera though. LOL~

There’s price for our excitement. We missed our last bus. (∏ ù ∏) It’s a really big shock when we know the bus operation time is until 10pm only. WE ARE DEAD. We decided to take the subway and we were super panic with the thought “what if the subway also closed early??” We run all the way to the nearest station just to know that we have to walk around 15 minutes more to get to a station with our destination within. I thought my legs will betray me, you know, it’s super cold and i’m super tired from all the walking. Huhuhu... We finally get on the right station and go back to our guesthouse.

The next day, we went to Kinkaku-ji temple early in the morning because it’s near our guesthouse.

After took some photos, we went to Arashiyama. it’s famous for the beautiful scenery –and for me, i’m looking forward to walk in the bamboo groove and go to Tenryuji temple. :D We also took our time to see the famous scenery with the train (you need to pay 600 yen for one way or 1200 yen for two way). I got lots of good picture on this train-journey. LOL~ After that we went to the bamboo groove, to Ninomiya shrine and to Tenryuji temple. All of them in one route, so it saved time. You can take lots of photo in Arashiyama, and you can find souvenirs, snack and food there. It’s a heaven on earth! :D

Tsubaki flower

Bamboo groove

trying maccha ice cream~

Zen Garden

After we had our late lunch, we went to Kiyomizudera again because it’s said that the temple is pretty! No one can miss out this temple. Well, if you’re not a fan of temple, you will find it’s pretty boring because almost all temple are similiar to each other. You can choose 2-3 only. As for me, i love beautiful places, temple is no exception as long as it’s beautiful and i can take some photos. Oh! I also got my Hello Kitty cha mug in one of the souvenirs shop around the Kiyomizudera.

My sis & cousin at Kiyomizudera's gate (is it?)

You can see the city from the veranda
Can you see the veranda? it's where my sis took my photo above

Hello Kitty Souvenirs shop in Kiyomizudera area

In the evening, we went to Nijo Castle for their night lamp festival. We accidentally read the information in the bus the day before and decided to go there for Kiyomizudera night illumination replacement due to the deadline date (it’s ended on 8 and we arrived at Kyoto on 9) -kinda similiar with one in Nijo Castle. LOL~ It’s super pretty with a lot of full-bloom sakura trees. Learned from our previous day, we went back early –not to forget we have to search for our new hotel. It was super hard to found, but thanks to Guesthouse Bon, we didn’t have to take our luggages –the owner is super kind and he helped us took our luggages to the new hotel.


The next day we went to Nishiki Market and Shimogamo temple before we went to Osaka. We took a quick tour in Nishiki Market for breakfast and some traditional snack and then we went to Shimogamo temple. Shimogamo is rather small if compared with Yasaka or Kiyomizudera, but it still a nice place. I tried to pull my very first lucky paper here for \200 only! If you’re not sceptical or fanatic of your own religion, i recommend you to try all things you can’t find in your own country! Hahaha! It’s a pity i can’t read japanese, but the miko said i’m very lucky! :D Due to the bad weather, we quickly went back to our hotel to get our luggages and went to Osaka.

Shimogamo temple
the garden behind the temple
Because the schedule in Kyoto was messed up, we had to re-schedule our trip in Osaka. We cut off some places and decided to go to Umeda, Osaka Castle and Shinsaibashi only. We only got half day on our first day in Osaka, so we decided to go to Umeda for our dinner –it turned out pretty expensive hiks. After that we quickly went back to our hotel to rest.

The next day we got up early to go to Osaka Castle. We didn’t do much there except for taking some photos and looking around for some history knowledge of the castle. We spent a lot of time on shopping instead. Haha. We went to Namba –and i found my last year hotel area– and start walking from Namba to Shinsaibashi. I bought some make-up kit in Shinsaibashi. We didn’t shop much actually. LOL~ Our money was spent on snack for souvenirs. Later on the evening, we went to Americamura (only 2 blocks from Shinsaibashi) and looking around the area –but we found nothing interesting because all stuff being sold there are branded items you can find in every country. So our journey ended here.

This is what we're doing after finish going up and down inside Osaka Castle.... 

The last day was rather interesting because of the early earthquake. We quickly out of our room but didn’t do anything much other than walking around in front of our room until the earthquake stopped. And then we went back to our room and slept again. LOL~ Well, other than our stupidity due to our sleepiness, we spent the last day on Tokyo and bought more snack for our family and fly back to Jakarta.
The journey ends here! Please look forward for the tips in the next post!

See you guys!




Photographer: me, Angelina Goenawan and Catherina J. G.

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Que lugar mágico, eu amo a cultura do Japão, aqui no Brasil muitas coisas que gosto não tem aqui.


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  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh, so many amazing memories!! I went to all of those places when I went to Japan a few years ago on a school trip and I want to go back again so badly! It looks like you had an amazing time, I hope you had lots of fun :)

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    1. ^^ Japan has lot of beautiful place, don't you think so? thank you btw..:)

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I wish I'll be able to visit Japan in the future as well :)

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    1. Yes, i had so much fun..:) hope it so dear!

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  6. Beautiful photos, I hope I get to visit Japan one day. It looks like a spectacular trip!
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    1. ^^ i hope you get to visit Japan one day dear..:)

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