My Sister's Graduation Day

Bad news! Bad news! I have to postpone the tips self-travel to Japan because i want to post about my sister's graduation day. hoho~

Well, it's kinda stressful event for me because my younger sister actually graduate first than me..and now my mom keep saying that my sister got cummlaude GPA for her medical study. (* ̄m ̄)  I don't envy her though, because i know she has the brain and the hard working side -and i'm not as hard working as my sister. LOL~

Oh forget it, i'm going to graduate too this year. lalala~~ Sooo....Today my family went to take some photos of this event at studio photo -kinda the routine habit in Indonesia. Because of this, i have to take out all my make-up kit to do the make-up for myself and my youngest sister. I got some good shoot for the make-up and the outfit, so yes, i will post it here ♡

After the photo shoot at the studio, we went to Beatrice Quarter at PIK for a late lunch. If you haven't been there, i recommend you to go. They have pretty interior for girl to fall in love -kinda like Nanny's Pavillion though but without specific themes. The food is pretty good, with rather big portion. This is what we ordered.....

Garden Salad
My dad's - Carbonara Creamy Spaggethi
Mine - Chicken Garlic Spaggethi
Mom's Sirloin Steak
Sis' Herb something - hard to remember
My youngest sis' Salmon Rice Pizza
Our dessert 1 - Tropical Fruit Danish Honey Toast
Dessert 2 - Choco Banana Honey Toast
The jasmine tea with rice pizza and garden salad

Aaaannnddd,, this is the detail of my outfit...

My sis playing with the 360 Camera effect

My eyes make-up

What i wear:
Modcloth Flowery Dress | YesWalker Oxford Shoes | Socks from Japan

and some of narcissistic photos of mine and my youngest sister..:D

My weird face LOL

With my sister who graduate as S.Ked

My youngest sister - the photographer

the bag from @frmheadtotoe instagram OL shop

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See you next time!


photos are taken by me and Stephany F. Goenawan
edited by me - taken by my iphone

Anastasia Goenawan