[Artwork] Doodling around. . .

Hello guys...After some weeks without touching my sketch book, and half a year without touching my tablet, i finally got to finish 3 artwork. At first, i want to change my blog header and title, but then 2 of my blogger fella wanted me to draw them, so yep, i worked on their artwork too..

Speaking of artwork, i actually promise my assistant teacher from 2 years ago to draw him with the other assistant, but i haven't worked on it until now. *eww..i'm suck* I need their photo to work on it, but since i don't have, i keep postponing the work. *feeling guilty, but still not working on it...-__-*

Artwork for my blog header

Artwork for Cathy Sie

Artwork for Vania Aprilia

Oh well, do you like my new header? And the artwork for Cathy Sie and Vania Aprilia? Need to hear some advice for my improvement..please..pleasee~~ *begging*

See you next time! ╭(^▽^)╯

Anastasia G

p.s. If you want to use the artwork, please link back to my blog! Thanks!

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. waaa... gmbarnya bgus d... mw dong dbuatin jg... hahahhahahh

    Miss Aa

  2. thank you so much nas <3 your artwork is perfect
    can't thank you enough. aku jadi kurus and cantik banget di artwork kamu hahaha

    much loveee


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