Upcoming birthday. . .

Birthday is one of happy occasion for most people, including for my family and i. What i love from birthday celebration are cakes and gifts. Don't you like them? I lovee them! \(≧∇≦)/ Despite of getting older and more responsibility, i like how my family usually gather around the dining table to take some pictures and pray for me. This year birthday won't be the same since my youngest sister a.k.a my personal photographer is going to be a part-timer worker at Conrad Hotel starting 1st July. It means, my parents are going to Bali and gonna missed my birthday on the next day...(∏ รน ∏) My other sister also won't be at home because she's on her KOAS period. It means, i'm alone this year...huhuhu..(╥__╥) At this time only i think a boyfriend might be needed (and forget about it right away after the event passed..#sounresponsible) I only hope my best friends wouldn't be too tired to come and visit me after their work. (¬_¬")

BUT! *the spirit come back*
There are things i really want for my birthday present..*cring-cring* *puppy eyes* Here we go....

Well...ngarep is fine right? LOL~ *finger-crossed*


Anastasia Goenawan

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  1. i hope get those stuff too in my birthday :)
    hope u get it..
    do you want follow each other?
    let me know



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