Flowers for my Kitty

If you live at Indonesia, you will know how everyday is summer. To live in a place like this, shorts and mini skirt are most girls' favorite fashion items. BUT! In Indonesia, you can't just go everywhere with shorts and mini skirt without getting all stares and flirt from unwanted man, specially if you have to go with public transportation or by feet. *so gross* So, jeans, midi skirt and maxi skirt become more favorable than shorts and mini skirts. Cruel, don't you think?

Since i have to go to most places with public transportation, i prefer jeans and pants over shorts and mini skirt. For daily outing, i basically choose something simple and casual. Like this outfit.

What i wore:
Gowigasa Floral Top | Electric Blue Jeans from Mangga Dua | Pit-a-Pat bracelet
watch from Bugis | Hello Kitty bag from Japan | iwearUP wedges

Details of the outfit:

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photographer: Stephany F. Goenawan
edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan