[Review] Laguna Gili Beach Resort

If you recall, i was going to Gili Trawangan, Lombok last month. I stayed at Laguna Gili Beach Resort for 2 nights. It was a really nice place to stay. The service from the beginning until the very last moment was excellent.

The Lobby

The restaurant

My family spent 2 hours from airport until the harbour before we can depart to Gili Trawangan. I was pretty tired from sitting at the plane, the cars and the boat. Even after arrived at Gili Trawangan, i still have to ride the andong for 5 minutes to get to the hotel.

My family and i were welcomed by the GM's right hand-man right after we arrived in front of the hotel. He was very friendly, he even asked us if we're tired and asked us about the journey.

Because i booked the hotel via e-mail, the check-in was fast. They quickly inform us the room hotel, give us the key, told us about the regulation, and the staff took our luggage to the room. Before we were done with the super quick check-in procedure, the welcome drinks was served.

You can ask their wi-fi password, or information needed for your stay at Gili Trawangan at their front desk.

Beach across the hotel

Around the hotel

At first, i was confused with the small space, since it was 3/4 star hotel. But when i left the lobby and went to my room, i was greeted by the small-but-comfy pool area (and the amazingly large room).

Can you see the tiny lobby?
The pool

They got 5 bungalows, divided into 10 rooms (1 bungalows seperate 2 rooms).

Outside the room

And this is how the room looks like inside...

When you enter the room, this is what you see... Turn your head to your left is the bedroom.

Turn your head to your right, then you will find the door to the bathroom...

Positive remarks:
✔  The GM and GM's right hand man always stay at the hotel, and are friendly, specially the GM's right hand man. Always greet us whenever he see us.
✔ It's clean. Your room got the cleaning service twice a day.
✔ They provide wi-fi and AC.
✔ Their italian restaurant was superb. Has great food, with big portion, and cheap price.
✔ Near the local market and restaurant. Just need to walk for 5-10 minutes.
✔ The location is good, with excellent service.
✔ The price is good - not expensive.

Negative remarks:
✘ If you stay on room 7 to 10, the wi-fi connection was pretty bad. You need to go to their lobby or at the pool to get better access for the wi-fi.
✘ The breakfast choices was the same day after day, but have great taste.

Overall rate: ★★★★☆
Service - ★★★★★
Food - ★★★★
Location - ★★★★
Cleanness - ★★★★
Facility - ★★★★

photos are taken by me and Angel Goenawan
edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. what a beautiful places!
    asikk bgt jalan2nya =))
    followed your blog too !


  2. wow,what a awesome placesssss!!:o
    seru bgt holidaynya~


  3. pretty swimming pool! ❤
    kalo liburan harus bareng iniii kapan" hihihi

  4. Such a beautiful place!

    Would you like to visit/follow each other?<3

  5. woaah amazing place =)
    nice shoot, Anas !!

    btw, this is the 1st time i visit your blog..
    following you now as a jagger ^^


  6. Such a great place! Hope someday can visit those resort ^^~

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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