Persunmall International Summer Giveaway

Hello dear! This time i will post my first international giveaway for this summer!
Do you know about this awesome website, Persunmall? Check it out if you haven't.

This giveaway open internationally, from July 1st to 15th.

Persunmall choose 1 winner every 60 participants, which means 1 winner/60 participants, 2 winner/120 participant, and so on. So there must be at least 60 participants.
The more participants who joins, you will have better chance to win! SO!Go spread the news, guys!

The lucky winner(s) will be able to choose the gift from 9 gifts available.

You can click the link below if you want to get bigger picture of each gift.
Wings Heart Cotton Vest
Marilyn Tassels Cotton T-shirt
High Low Chiffon Skirt
Irregular Neck Chiffon Shirt
Stylish Color Contrast Two-Piece Suit
Cow Color Cotton Shorts
Irregular Sleeveless Printed Slim Dress
Irregular Net Chiffon Dress
Stylish Color Block Chiffon Shirt

Not only you have to choose from those 9 choices, you get a chance to win $100 gift card by joining this giveaway! Maybe you'll be the lucky one selected by Persunmall.

Other interesting offer from Persunmall:
They prepared a 20% off for orders over $60, with the coupon code PERSUN20%OFF. It's valid from July 1st to 30th.

Don't forget this giveaway ends on July 15th, 2013. The winners will be announced on Persunmall Official Page on July 19th.

So, what's to wait for? Join now!

Mandatory rules:
★ Register on Persunmall

☆ Like Persunmall Facebook Page

★ Follow my blog via Bloglovin

☆ Like my blog page

★ Post about this giveaway on your blog (for bloggers)

☆ Put this giveaway banner on your blog (for bloggers)

[a href="" target="_blank"][img src="" border="0" alt=" photo persunmallgiveawaybanner.jpg"/][/a]
change [ ] with < >

★ Fan me on Lookbook

☆ Post about this giveaway on your facebook and twitter, "Join this awesome giveaway (this giveaway post link)"

★ Leave comment on this post with:
your name and facebook name,
email you used to register on Persunmanll and to follow my blog via Bloglovin,
your post in twitter and facebook,
and your blog post link

If you're not bloggers, you don't have to post about the giveaway on your blog nor put the giveaway banner.

Goodluck everybody!


Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Gorgeous giveaway, good luck everybody!
    I don't have Facebook :(

    Carolina + GIVEAWAY

  2. Great giveaway! Love those pieces =)
    - Che

  3. Hahah true, Anas! ANother same giveaway LoL

    I'm holding an international giveaway on my blog, dear!
    Win an item on you choice from Persunmall :D
    I hope that you can join in too!
    Thank you very much !



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  5. FB: Majka Ib

    wish me luck ^^
    Thankyou for this lovely giveaway!


  6. Hello, i'm Ratih Mayang and my Facebook name is Mayang Anindita

    email on Persunmall:
    email to follow your Bloglovin:

    You can see this post on my

    and this is how i spread this giveaway on my blog:

    Aww, wish me luck! ;D

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