AFA ID 2013 day 2

Hi. Sorry for my long absence in this blog. It's not like i forget about it or awfully busy, but i had my own reason. My inner self always bugging me to update this blog, but back to square one, i had my own reason to refuse the plea of my inner self.

Anyway, i just move to a room near my new school and i already miss my own room with all my fluffy dolls inside. I made some friends here in my first day though, and i hope we can be good friends. :) Wish me luck!


Last week i went to AFA ID 2013, did you come to? I went on the second day and it was hell. The place was easier to access than last year's, and 3 times bigger too. But! People who came was like 5 times crowder. I was like, "WTH!!" I couldn't really move without pushing myself through the crowd. I didn't know about the first and the third day though, but i prefer last year's AFA than this year's. I don't like to be treated like or located myself in a can of sardine, but in the evening everything got better, less people and i got to buy some marchendise there. I also met some of my friends accidentally. :D

Meet Olief again this year..XD

Look at the doll...*drooling*

Some good cosplayer i managed to take the picture of...


and the figurine!


I might neglect my blog a bit, but i will update my instagram, lookbook, and fukulog more often.

See you next time


photographed and edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. afa rame bngt cc. aku aja gk ke sana *sob sob*
    ke butler cafe gk?

  2. great post! would you like to follow eachother?


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