Study harder, less play

Hello everybody. How are you? It's been a while (again with my absence and excuse). I've been ESMOD student for 10 days now..Yeayy! The first week was full with project and i was almost stay awake at night to work on it. Gladly i could finish them and got proper sleep. :D

With all those works, i had to be productive, less playing, and less time in front of the laptop. Totally work my ass for the project and then warm up the food for my dinner, sweep my kos-an room, and take a bath. No more time for relaxing nor playing. The only thing i like is, i get to wear clothes, shoes, and accessories i rather not use when i was still in my prev. university. :D

This second week looks more relaxed and we got to explore the malls and fashion districts to snap pictures of fashionable people. It seems all happy go lucky but the truth is, my feet feel sore to the core. I have to go to a lot of malls from my kos-an with public transportation and all. huhu.... but it was fun since i go with my friends. How's about your day? :)

What i wore:
Cat Wild tee - Color Box | Denim Vest - unbranded | XYX cap - @frmheadtotoe
Jeans - Guess | Studded Bagpack - @frmheadtotoe | Sneakers Wedges - Decimal Shoes
Watch - Bugis | Dream Catcher Necklace - Lombok

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See you next time! ;)
Anastasia G

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photographed and edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. I love your hat! Cool outfit. <3


  2. Amazing pictures. All lovely :)


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  4. coolll outfits! lovely post <333


  5. looking cool with the cap and bag ceeee! x3

    cheer, michelle


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