I'm ready to say goodbye.


Time is ticking and will never stop. When I realize, it only 3 days before the year turn into a brand new year. There are a lot of things I finished and did (I think? No?), and there're a lot more things ahead of me. If I want to be honest, I'm really happy i got to finish my undergraduate program and continue my study at ESMOD. But, i'm really sad i left my blog for more than a month without updates. I'm really sorry. Anyway this will be the last post in this year. So i will see you again on New Year!

I will be going on holiday for days onward, so i will prepare some post in my absence!

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See you next year!


Hype my look here:
photos are taken with Canon 60D, with the help of my tripod
edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan