[Review] Born Pretty's Nailart and Accessories

Hi guys. How are you? I know it's been two months without any update from me, and i'm sorry for that. I actually have some photoshoots in my storage, but i didn't have time to update them into my blog because of my hectic school project.

Anyway, i found a real good store for you who love jewellery, accessories, and nailart. Let me introduce you to my newest sponsor, Born Pretty. Last month they contacted me and i was like 'WOW!' They surely provide a lot of stuff, from nailart tools, accessories, watches, mobile cases, and many more (and with cheap price too!). But the one that caught my attention was their nailart tools & accessories. I was trying to get some cute nailart accessories, but i got no luck everywhere. I was lucky to be introduced to Born Pretty.

I got these pretty stuff from their store.

 My favorite above all:

I really love their quick service. The package arrived safely and real fast. They said it might take 3-4 weeks to arrive but the package was arrived before it reached 3 weeks. WOW! Not only that, they also offer free shipping worldwide!

If you're searching for nailart tools, jewellery, or accessories, make sure to check their store out! For my readers, please use "AGT10"code  at your checkout to get 10% discount of your purchase.

Important points:
Service - Excellent
Item quality - Excellent
Price - $ (cheap)
Shipping - Free
Item variety - A lot

See you soon and Merry Christmas!


Anastasia Goenawan

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