Missing Things

It's been a while, how are you guys? I was pretty busy and lazy to spare some little time of mine to update this blog. I'm sorry for that. I don't know why, but recently i always feel so tired and working on my assignment becomes a drag sometimes. And thanks to my laziness, my assignments are piling up. T^T

I know wholeheartly that i got a lot of assignment to do, but i can't help myself. I want to relax, i want a holiday! So instead of working on those assignment, i went and spent my weekend on my parents' business meeting on Sat, and attending IFW today (i will post the photos later). LOL~

I wonder what should i do to refresh my motivation and stamina for my school assignment and blogging. Do you have any idea to help me here?

What i wore:
UNIQLO stars hoodie | Stradivarius shorts | unbranded stocking
June+Julia Shoes

Hype my look here:

See you again later!


photo are taken and edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan