Mixed feeling

Hello guys~! How are you?

I'm in my last week of school before i got a full week spring break. I love how ESMOD Jakarta follow the schedule of ESMOD Paris. We got a lot of holiday here, including local public holiday. Yeayy~~

I'm sorry i've been a bad bad blogger here. But don't blame me please, i got a lot of work here. I prefer to finish my assignments above anything (so i can go to bed early). Sometimes i even skip my dinner. LOL~ This is why i love holiday so much..(who doesn't?)

I have mixed feeling lately due to my school problem. I was pretty tired from the work, lack of motivation, and more. What worse is, my body keeps telling me to rest, but my brain keeps saying i have to do this, to do that, to join this and that. My shoulder feel stiff when i do things for a long time, like sewing or typing my paper (yes, it feels sore now).

Thanks God i can face it. Some weeks ago, i was faced with bitter comments from my teacher. Well, i admitted i can't take critiques well, but i need it to keep my motivation in pace. I also found out that compliments can also make you less motivated and satisfied enough with what you've achieved. Thanks to my thought, i can take critiques better. It was necessary to keep me on track, to remind me to grow, to study, to never let myself being satisfied with my skill and knowledge. 

My way to solve things was just to sit alone and think back about the cause of the problem, what i've done and thought back then, and what should i do next. It was always effective to calm me down, and find the solution.

You might have different method to solve your problems. What you need was to fully know what the most effective way. So... What's your way to solve your problems? Share a bit won't bite you..:)

What i wore:
White summer dress - Bali | Oversized shirt wore as outerwear - Mangga Dua
GOWIGASA moody cat bag | unbranded stocking & necklace
Brown ankle boots - Payless

Okay, see you next time..I wish i can update more.


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  1. Very sweet combination! Love the white dress!

    恵美より ♥

  2. lovely ceee~ love the bag x3
    btw you should rest cee or you'll get sick :')

    cheer, michelle


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