[Review] Born Pretty

Hi again, dear! How are you? I've been postponing this post due to the CNY preparation and stuff. Anyway, since i haven't do any proper photoshoot for the outfit, i will leave it later. Now it's time for another review of my favorite accessories from BORN PRETTY, my favorite online shop who sell jewerly, accessories, nailart tools, phone case, and many more!

They sent me another package like a month ago and i'm pretty sorry about the total late review. It's not like i don't like their product. Quite the contrary, i totally love their product, specially their accessories and jewerly.

I got this pretty ring and bracelet in my second package and i always wear them everywhere i go. LOL~ I posted some photos of them in my instagram too, you would notice it if you're my follower! :D

I totally fall in love in the first sight with the color combination! :D

I always search this kind of ring, a simple silver one with two lining. :D
There is one other things i received from BornPretty, and it is a hair chalk! Wohoo! I haven't used it though, thanks to the rainy weather. I'm afraid the color will be erased by the rain since i mostly go outside on feet (and with the habit of leaving my umbrella inside my room). (TT__TT). I will use it once the rainy season passed. Hoho!

These are the links of my received items:
If you're interested in buying something from them, you can save up 10% by using my code, AGT10, at the checkout! They also provide free shipping worldwide, so why wait? Shop now girls!
Last for the post, have a nice weekend!
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  1. The dove bracelet is very trendy and cute ^^ I love it ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Cute bracelet! Nice review dear, thanks for sharing :)


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