Gloomy Monday

Hello again, guys. How are you in this gloomy week? The week closed and started with heavy rain, sometimes it rained all day, sometimes it rained for a minute, or an hour. Basically the place where i live is in danger of being flooded (it happened every year though).

This week is my last week of the first semester as ESMOD JAKARTA's student. It's not as hectic as usual, but with the holiday mood around, i lost my pace and i'm not in the mood to work on my assignment. Damn!

What i wore:
Pull and Bear Striped top | unbranded black jacket
Uniqlo black leggings | Payless black boots
Born Pretty gothic lace bracelets

I hope you have better days than me, especially in the preparation for CNY! :D If you happened to search for any jewerly, accessories, and nailart tools for your CNY preparation, visit Born Pretty and you will find them in affordable price! Use my code: AGT10 for 10% off your order! :D

You haven't heard about Born Pretty? Then read my review about it HERE!

Have a good week everyone!

See you next time!


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Anastasia Goenawan


  1. you dye your hair eh? :D
    Well, black never outdated !

  2. I wanna dye my hair like yours but I don't think I can go with it because of my tan skin :/


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