Indonesia Independence Day

This is a scheduled post dedicated for Indonesian's birthday celebration.

And yes, I posted the same outfit last year. I don't know why, but the link is broken and no one can access the post anymore. So I decided to re-post the same one (with some twist on the post) since I don't have time to take a new shoot this year.

17 August 2014 is the 69th birthday celebration for my country, Indonesia. Unlike previous years, I'm gonna write about what inside my head when I heard the word, 'Indonesia'.

This may be offensive to some people who love Indonesia to the extent that they would give their live for it.
Just to remind all of you who might read this post that I only write about my feeling and my personal view about Indonesia.

No hard feeling.

I personally love Indonesia. Who won't?

Indonesia has a lot of beautiful places that can make any other country jealous. Try to name them and you will lost count. I haven't go to all of those amazing places, but I believe God will take me there one day.
Indonesia has a lot of unique ethnics, with their own unique culture - language, art, traditional house and clothes. Who can rival the diversity of Indonesia?
Indonesia is rich with natural resources, beautiful rain forests, beautiful exotic animals (both underwater and on the earth).

Indonesia has them all.

For me, Indonesia is the long lost Atlantis. Indonesia is heaven on earth.

But, my love for Indonesia stop at those points.

I don't like the crazy traffic and how unsafe it is to walk (specially if you're a girl, alone, and after the sun set) in Indonesia. I love to go out, but due to the situation (the high rate of crime, accident, the hot weather, and any other things), it's hard to leave the house without the comfort of personal transportation. Not to mention the worry of my parents whenever I have to go alone by public transportation.

I hate it when I passed by and some strangers (usually men --> abang2/mas2) say something to me. You can say they don't have things to do beside saying unappropriate things to some strangers -specially if it's a girl (You can be sued for sexual harrasment, duh).
Totally annoying. It never happened when I'm abroad (even when I only wear tanktop and hotpants).
It added up the uncomfortable feeling when I have to go out by public transportation or on feet.
Imagine the peak of summer, but you can't go out with your shorts and tanktop.
Unless you want to be harrased or worst, raped -or have all sinister eyes on you-, tanktop and shorts are highly forbidden to be worn when you're walking or taking public transportation. It's hell on earth.

I hate how ignorant Indonesian people can be. They can spit randomly whenever they want. They litter everywhere.
And believe me, they did it even when they saw there's a trash bin 1 meter in front of them.
I just don't understand why they did it.
If you wonder about their social economic or educational background, believe me that even the rich or a doctor DO litter.
It seemed Indonesia IS a trashbin.

I hate how the supposedly religious people became too obsessed with their religion.
I mean, come on guys, we're not religion country, or muslim country. We are a country who believe in God, in religion.
I don't understand why these religious people only accept people with the same religion and keep calling the others as kafir and so on.
I think all religion teach us about love, how to love God, and how to love all His creation.
Why discriminate when God doesn't?
Why judge when HE doesn't?
HE gives sun to everyone regardless their religion.
HE gives us the same air to breath regardless our faith.

Well it happened everywhere, but lately it's getting tense here with all the religion issues.

I hate how Indonesian people acted like they know it all, or they're the most righteous one.
We called it kepo.
I don't understand why Indonesian people love to put their nose into other people's problem.
If they're really care, then it's okay. But most of Indonesian people just want some story to be shared with the others - a.k.a gossip.
In less than a week (or maybe if you're unlucky it'll only take a day), all the neighbours or family member will know about your problem. And it sucks.

There're a lot more that I don't like about Indonesian people.
If I write it all, it will turn into a book.

You can say I just can't stand the people.
And by people, i mean the pribumi (the Indonesian) and the chinese-born.
They are all the same, but always critiques and hate each other.

Not all of them annoying, but most of them are annoying. 

What i wore: defemale_ red skirt | white top and socks from China | Kittycutieshop shoes | unbranded bag | necklace from Japan

For it's 69th birthday, I wish Indonesia will be a better country. And i hope it will turn out better with Jokowi and his team as the goverment. I know it will take time, but please, just make Indonesia a better place to live.
I wish in his hand, the systems and the people can be better. May God bless him, his team, and my beloved Indonesia.

I just wish for Indonesia yang lebih baik.


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photos are taken by Stephany F.

Anastasia Goenawan

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