[Nailart] Blue Polkadot with Bunny ♡

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This time it's time for another nailart tutorial! ‎°\(^▿^)/° yeaayy~
It's summer, but still.... I love pastel to the point I ignore everything else.

It's an easy nailart, but needs a patience. Let's begin?


The tools:

L to R: Base Coat, Baby Blue NP, White NP, Baby Pink NP, Top Coat, Nail Polish Remover.

Dotting Pen is essential!


The steps:
 ‎° Apply the base coat.
‎° Apply the baby blue nail polish to all your nails. Wait until it's dried up.

‎° Use the dotting pen for making the polkadot pattern.

Close-up look:

‎° Draw a bunny head with pink nail polish. Use dotting pen to help you draw the bunny :)

‎Additional step:
° Draw bunny's eyes, nose, and mouth with black dotting pen. You can buy it from the Face Shop.

‎° Apply top coat after the nail polish completely dry. Re-do the top coat every 2-3 days to maintain the nailart.
‎° And..... It's done!


It's easy right? Tell me your experience!
If you have any recommendation about nailart, please don't hestitate to tell me!

See you next time!



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Nail polish, Base coat & Top coat -- The Face Shop
Nail Polish Remover -- The Face Shop
Dotting pen -- Japan
Black Dotting pen -- The Face Shop

Photos are taken by me.

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. I wish I had the same talent in doing my own nail art! This one is totally a must try!

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    Lil Miss Bianca


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