Japan Trip 2014

Have I told you that I love Japan to the extend I can't seem get enough with what the country offer. Since my first visit on 2012, I always want to go back to Japan every year. I've been there for winter, spring, and summer holiday. Yes, I got my chance to spend this year's summer holiday at Tokyo and Kawaguchi-ko for 7 days.

This year though, I didn't go there for a mere holiday trip. I was checking out my probably-soon-to-be-school there. Together with my little sister, we have an amazing adventure at Tokyo and Kawaguchi-ko (beside checking out the school, i had task to accompany my youngest sister to walk around Tokyo and Kawaguchi-ko).

We merely go to places I have been visited on 2013, like Asakusa-Harajuku-Ginza-and so on, but to my excitement, my sister and I always found a new area that I haven't go through when I visited Japan last year -and it excited me. (• ˆ⌣ˆ •)

Maybe because of our laidback personality and attitude, we didn't find some major problems that lead to us fighting. We did get lost for more than we could count, but well, we just had fun. We both don't like to start up meaningless fight over meaningless problem, so I think she's the best partner to go travelling together. :D haha.

Even though I said it was for summer holiday, they haven't reach the peak of the summer yet in the last week of July, so my sister and I still feel like we're in Puncak. I thought we should be fine with one layer clothes, but we're proved wrong. We need our jacket whereever we go. >__< Well, I'm glad I didn't have to walk around in the peak of summer heat like now in August. :P So lucky me! LOL~

Let's just go to the photos spam. . .

Asakusa - Sensoji Temple

It's my youngest sister who usually took my photos for the blog.

Meiji Shrine

Yebisu Garden Place

 Tokyo Tower - Zojoji Temple


The intersection was closed and restricted only to pedestrians that day.

With my sister.

All the delicious food . . .

Kawaguchi-ko - Fuji-Q Highland

Their local food - it's extremely huge portion.

It was a short trip, but personally I'm satisfied with all the adventure we had. :D I'm looking forward for another trip to Japan. *cross-my-fingers*

Okay then! See you again soon!


Photos are taken by Stephany F. Goenawan and I with my iPhone and Canon 60D

Anastasia Goenawan

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