Hello again, everyone! How are you! \(≧∇≦)/
I was pretty busy last week so I didn't update my blog. I made this post as compensation though.

Anyway, I feel restless lately due to some problems. I can't tell much since it's private,
but I'm glad to have friends beside me. They are all awesome! (ˆ⌣ˆ)

Okay, I want to confess. Haha. Not the private problem though.
I'm going to move to Tokyo in two weeks, that's why I'm so busy.
I'm in the process of finising my student visa and in searching for apartment or maybe share house.

I'm busy making some appointment with my long lost friends (senior and junior high school friends),
finishing the document from ESMOD Jakarta,
making some skirts for my sister and cousins,
and learning Japanese.

Wish me luck there, okay!

I'm going to leave my comfort zone here,
my family, and my friends.
Somehow it made me sad, but excited in the same way.

Well, I always wanted to try living by my own, working part-time,
and live at Japan.
Now I'm granted my childhood dreams and I'm going to use it rightfully.

I'm gonna miss all of my family and friends,
but I believe there're a lot of good things waiting for me there. >:) *speaking of being optimistic*

In this ocassion, I want to personally thank God for all His doing,
my parents for letting me go and believe that I can do better,
my siblings and cousins for being there supporting me whenever I'm confused,
my teachers who always help me with my study difficulties (I'm not the best student out there, but I'm glad you guys always so patient with my stuborness and stupidness),
and finally my friends who's been my place to cry on, to be crazy and dumb, to voice out all my desperation.
You guys rock! :D

Really, I'm thankful to have you guys, specially KUTU, my forever soulmates, and my siblings and cousin. :)

"We are born to fulfill our roles in the world. On our way, our path crossed.
Some of us might stay for a while and then continue their own path,
but few of us decided to walk on our own path hand in hand,
so we won't be seperated.
And that few are us, soulmates."  

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See you again soon!


photos are taken by Stephany F. Goenawan,
with Canon 60D.

Anastasia Goenawan

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  1. Very lovely ^^

    Good luck on achieving your dreams :3

    恵美より ♥


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