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Fashion world never walked seperately from beauty world. They basically walked hand by hand. You will never see a model or street fashionista without a touch of make-up, nail art, or hairdo, right? They compliment each other. They keep spreading their wings to complete the fashion world. Not only make-up or nailart tools, now they have produce a lot of hairclip and wig type. Nowdays hairclip and wig are common to be found or to be used. You will find some bloggers using them as well.

Not only that, hairclip and wig really help a lot of people a lot. You name it, cosplayer, blogger, and even common people. You can change your hairstyle and hair color in an instant! How good is that? If we took years back, wigs and hairclip were not as good as nowdays. The type was limited too. But now, you can choose the country origin, the type, the color - everything!

As someone who loves to change hairstyle and hair color, I found wig as one of my favorite option. I don't have to go to salon frequently or damage my hair. I only need to put a wig based on what I want for the day. That's why I've been checking out some of website that sell wig.

WigsBuy is one of my favorite!

These two are my favorite!

They sell a lot of variant, from hairclip, human hair wigs, men wigs, african-american wigs, cosplay wigs, and lace wigs. They also let you pick the color you wanted, so you can play with your chosen wig!

Visit them at and grab your favorite wigs!

See you soon!


Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Lovely ^^

    I'll check it out!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. not that I would color my hair.. but worth checking ...


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