A Night Out in Parma

Hello, my dear readers! I know all of us have at least one place we want to go so badly. Some of us called it my dream country or city. As for me who loves to see different culture and places, travelling around the world became my lifetime dream. If you ask me which country I love the most, my answer would be Japan. But this is not about Japan since I'm going to move there next week.

This time let's think about a place with interesting historical story and culture, amazing food, and pretty architectural building. It was famous for it's prosciutto, art, cheese, music, and architecture. Can you guess what it is?

Yeah, of course I'm talking about a city in Italy. It's Parma. Have you heard it?
I myself knew about the city just recently, when I was reading about a trip review of Instanbul, Turkey. A picture of middle age castle-like building caught my eyes and I couldn't stop myself clicking the link. I instantly became interested and searching a little bit about the city.

After I read a little about the place, there're things I want to do if I have a chance to visit Parma - this is my kind of travelling.

I always wanted to travel around autumn or spring, since it wouldn't be as hot and humid as Jakarta. So well, it would be wonderful to go here around autumn or spring. That way, I can wear my sweater or coat over my shirt, or do the layering! It would be fun to do some mix and match during my trip! And it would be good to wear my boots on the season ♡

Cathedral of Parma

First I want to go to the historical places, like the castle (Bardi Castle of Torrechiara, Rocca Sanvitale of Fontaneliato, and so on), the museum (Chamber of Saint Paul and St. Catherine's cell, costantinian Museum of the Steccata, and so on). Not to forget to visit the churches.. ;)
There, I can see the architecture with my own eyes and admiring the fine design. In the same time, it would be best to hear about the story from the local guide about the history ♡

Second I want to taste the local food! Look at those delicious looking food! Nom~nom~nom~
Beside the delicious food, I believe the breakfast/lunch/dinner time can give you time to get to know the local people. You can learn a little bit of their culture on the dining table. Just go to the local restaurant and get to know some local people! :D Once upon a time, my friend taught me about this tips! :D 

However, I don't understand Italian language. It would be better if I knew the language, or have someone who understand the language. But what if I don't have that someone to accompany me? Normally I would use the body language or english. LOL~ But it's not the case now, since there's this amazing translation application, Smartling! This way I don't have to worry about the language differences! \(^ワ^)/   Smartling provides translation service and mobile application for our busy schedule! We don't have to worry about the sudden need of translator since they can manage it! You can download the application from your mobile (Android and iOS).


Anastasia Goenawan

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