My first week

Hi everyone! :D

I finally moved to Tokyo, Japan. \(≧o≦)/ It's unbelieveable actually. Never thought my dream would come true, but really, God always has His own plan. It's been a week since I moved to Tokyo, but I haven't feel like it's real. I still feel like I'm travelling here. Well, since I have to accompany my parent to see around the city, and with my limited japanese skill, I do feel like tourist. XD

Shibuya - Hachiko exit

Rainbow Bridge

Sunset in Odaiba
Imperial Garden

My lazy self inside my hotel room

It's been a busy week since I have to move in and unpack all my things, not to forget all the shopping stuff. I'm glad to have my parents helped me moving in and brought my stuffs to my room. I'm also glad to know that I could do things on my own, like putting the dresser together, brought the bookshelf from the shop to my room on foot. LOL~ Back in Jakarta, I got my driver and my maids to do all the stuff for me. So, I'm glad I moved to Tokyo. I can try to be more independent. :D

Today's lunch at Harajuku

Tokyo is full with Halloween decoration now. Everywhere I go, I always see cute cakes/shop decoration/ice cream/chocolates in halloween themes. Basically they're preparing for the costume party, and I definitely want to see their version of Halloween! :D Gonna update about it after the date!

One thing I regret I left behind was my body pillow. I can't sleep well without it. T^T  All the body pillow here are to short and too cute (like picture above). I really want my body pillow!  (∏ _ ∏) I hope my sister will come soon and bring me my body pillow. Dx

Anyway, before I go to bed, I want to share a little bit of my room and my shopping haul. hihi..

Welcome my paradise - anime merchandise and figurine! Gonna try to seek some with cheap price to complete my collection of figurine back home. I still need naruto figurine (the big one), and some of Kuroko no Basuke figurine (chibi version).

Okay then, until I write again! :D
psstt.... If you want to see more about my daily updates about living in Tokyo, please go to my instagram or dayree. :D

See you again!


Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Sooo sweet to know you're settling in fine, and yay KUROKO ^___^ I'm a big fan!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. Wow its good that you're living your dreams! I haven't been to Japan so its really my dream to step foot there. Anyway, i hope all things will work out for you there! And i spot Kuroko <3

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