[Recipe] Chicken Veggie

Hello again! How are you guys? This time I'm gonna share my simple recipe.

Yeah, recipe!
Since I live by myself -no maids to cook for me-, I need to improve my cooking skill.
I also want to maintain my healthy lifestyle and at the same time, I need to save more money.
That's why everyday I try to cook something new.

I can't really cook, so I only make a simple dish for myself.
This way, you can try to make it for yourself at home! ;D

I called it Chicken Veggie.

What you need:

⊙ utilities ⊙
- frying pan
- spatula

⊙ seasoning ⊙
- oil
- garlic
- bbq sauce / oyster sauce / anything you like but it has to be soy-sauce kind of type.
- salt (optional)
- chili sauce / chili powder

Oil - Oyster Sauce - Mince Garlic - Chili Powder

⊙ ingredients ⊙
- rice
- chicken (non bones)
- veggies you like (carrots, tauge, mushroom, cabbage).

In Japan, they sell mix veggies for 2-3 people portion, so I usually buy that kind of mix veggies.
They have a lot of mix veggies type to choose.
If your market doesn't have mix veggies, you can buy them seperately and cut them by yourself.

Let's begin~  εεε==╭(^▽^)╯♬♬

1. Put a little bit of salt, bbq sauce and chili sauce on the raw chicken and mix them together. Leave them for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cut and rinse your veggies. How much chili sauce/powder you put is depend on how much you like spicy food.

2. Put your pan on the stove and pour a little bit of oil. Turn on the stove and put some slice garlic (in my case, it's mince garlic).

3. After the garlic turned a little bit yellowish to brownish, put the now-seasoned chicken into the pan. Lower the heat into medium. Flip the chicken to see if it was done or not. The meat will turn white not pinkish anymore.

4. After you done flip all the chicken, put a little bit of bbq sauce and half cup of water. Mix them together. Increase the fire level a little bit until you can see the chicken sizzle. After that, cover the pan and wait for 3 minutes. The chicken will be a nice golden color.

5. After 3 minutes, open the pan and throw all the veggies in. Mix them together and cover the pan for another 2-3 minutes.

6. Turn off the stove and open the pan.
Aaaannnndddd, it's done!

So, what do you think? If you wonder why I didn't go details on all the seasoning things, it's because I just put them all without calculating the exact number/gram. If I think it's lack something, I will put a little bit of sauce -just a little bit and taste. Repeat the action until you find it right.-

If you tried this, please share your experiences with me! :D

See you again soon!


Anastasia Goenawan

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  1. so nyumy looks, you make me so hungry :D



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