[Event] Halloween 2014, Shibuya - Tokyo

Happy halloween guys! \(≧∇≦)/

This is my first time celebrating halloween, not that I was wearing costume, but I had fun taking photos of other people! :D And I also want to share with you guys what halloween in Tokyo is like. ;)

My friend said to me that the center of the halloween party was at Shibuya, so after I had dinner with my classmates at Ikebukuro, I went to Shibuya to capture the celebration. This is my first time seeing the police in the street, trying to make the (human) traffic in control. (≧∇≦) haha... people was highly on halloween celebration that they didn't bother with the traffic light at all. The police needed to make them cross quickly after the light turned red, so the cars could pass.

This is how the street looked like....

The main intersection of Shibuya (across the hachiko statue)

He is a real policeman, not someone wearing costume. XD

It was a real crazy event. Some of them looked real scary, some looked pretty and cute in disney princess' dress and rilakkuma (and others) costumes, some was cosplaying, and some looked like normal person -just wandering around like me.

There are tons of human there and I couldn't ask one by one for their photos, so I just took some that caught my eyes.

The cutest rilakkuma ever!

The cinderella and her prince charming. They're so sweet. :D

cool maleficent and joker!

pretty prisoners.

scary officer س( ° △ °|||)

Scary doc and nurse. س( ° △ °|||)

a real cool car crossing the street

Cute Alice and the Mad Hatter

Me with Jack Sparrow :D

Cute prisoners
The sexy maleficent

Scary looking draculas?

Is she/he supposed to be chucky?

The lovely Elsa and Anna! :D
Lovely brides!

Cute minions (●≧▽≦)♪

If woody and the weird alien with 3 eyes were a girl..... they would like as lovely as these girls...

Ariel and Belle

Another Belle

There's sadako between the joker and the dolly girl. Do you notice her? ;D

The sweet looking Alice and Little Red Riding Hood.

Pretty Witch and Alice :D

What are you doing, Spidey?

Anna, Tink, and Red Queen

The super scary girls. (>_<)

Pretty Alice and Red Queen. :D

Crayons girls! :D

It's not a real S.W.A.T teams, don't worry...

Luffy and Chopper~

Where's Belle?

Spidey is eating with Japanese flag.

And here my favorite costume of the night....

he's really is scary.. Dx but, look at the pretty snow white behind him.. ;D

And guess what? There're two people dressing as my favorite anime characters....

Naruto and L! (●≧▽≦)♪

I never knew Naru and L would celebrate halloween... (●≧▽≦)●

Anyway, there're a lot of disney princesses around the area, but I didn't see one dressed as Aurora, my favorite princess. D: huhu... I only saw Alice, Snow white (both are the most common one), Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Tink, and the Red Queen. I was sad no one dressed up as Aurora, but despite all that, I still had fun. :D

How about the halloween celebration in your town?
Mind to share? :D


photo are taken by myself,
with Sony alpha 5000.
Not edited.


If you want to take the photos and use it, please leave a comment and link back to my blog.

If you find your face or your friend's face in the photos I share, and you want to take them,
please do the same (link back and tell me beforehand) as I asked for permission before I take pictures.

If you want me to add your instagram account for your picture, just tell me. :D


See you again soon!

Anastasia Goenawan

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