I miss you, home sweet home.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my first outfit post after I moved to Tokyo! \(≧∇≦)/ yeayy~

It's November already and it's getting more chilly everyday. It's rare to reach 23 degrees even when it's sunny. Can you believe it? Since I was born and grown up at Jakarta -a super hot city-, I'm not used to the cold weather. I have to put extra layers everyday. ( ̄□ ̄;)

I have to be clever to mix my clothes together so I won't look too bulky and out of style. LOL~ Not to mention I only bring 1/3 of my clothes.  (∏ ù ∏) I really need to mix this and that so they will look fresh and different from last week or two weeks ago.

Anyway, I begin to miss Oct here, since it was warm enough for me to be able to wear shorts, like in these photos. These past 3 days I'm stuck with my pants and I've missed my shorts. D:

Beside missing my clothes and the warm weather, I also miss my family and friends. I even miss the heavy homework of my school, ESMOD Jakarta. I kinda envy my friends who's stuck with all the assignment (sorry guys, but after 1 year of struggling and always full of assignment, I can't stand the situation where there's no heavy assignment. It's really killing me inside). Not that I don't have any homework, heck, I got homework and test everyday. But it's not enough. I still got time to cook every morning, to do laundry, to take photoshoots once in a while, to play games on my phone, and even update my blog.  (∏ ù ∏) Back when I was still active in ESMOD Jakarta, I don't play games on my phone, and I tend to skip dinner due to the tight deadline and heavy workload.

So, now, did you get the feeling of being fashion design student? :D

It's not all happy-go-lucky life full with fashion shows invitations, getting to dress up and put make-up, go to clubs or some party, or taking photoshoots here and here. Most of us looked like we're not taking a bath for days. We go to school with standard clothes with panda eyes and messy buns. Only 10% of us maintain our appearances and taking times to take some photos to upload on instagram. Believe me, not all things you saw on social media or movies really happened in the real life.

---- back to the topic ----

Aside of these complicated feeling, I enjoy my life here. I can go everywhere I want without questioning my safety, even if I walk alone at midnight. Back in Indonesia, I'm really scared to go by public transportation or by foot when it's past 8 PM. Not that it's the most dangerous place on earth, but well, the crime rate is high. Most of the time, I have to depend on the availability of my driver and the car. Otherwise, I prefer to stay at home. It sucks.

So! Because I got some free time, and the fact that last weekend was a long weekend (3rd Nov was 分解休みの日 - national culture day), I went to explore Tokyo by myself (I bought new camera two weeks ago! \(^o^)/ ). Thanks to the long weekend, I have prepared some post about recipee, beautiful places (hey, it's Autumn! The leaves began to change color already!), and another outfit post. ;) Please stay tune!

I hope I can maintain this frequent updates forever! :D

What I wore:
White turtle neck - GOWIGASA | Pink outer - GOWIGASA
Denim shorts - Stradivarius | Tights - 7&i Japan | Boots - @Kittycutieshoes
Necklace - Payless

Okay, I have to go now. It's midnight already and I have to go to sleep. I need to maintain my beauty sleep, no? ;D

See you again soon!


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Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Very elegant outfit, I think the colours are brilliant!!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. 300th follower <3
    Keren banget ci bisa move ke Japan :'))



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