One Fine Day

Hello again! I hope you're not bored with my frequent updates! :D
This time I want to share some moments of my 'me time' two weeks ago.

There won't be any outfit post here, because my sole purpose was to share this short gateaway from the world. 

p.s. there will be photos spam

Okay, I was excited to know it's November. I heard the leaves began to change their color on November. And it was true! On my first week of November, I went to Meiji-Jinja and Yoyogi koen at Harajuku.

The leaves were not fully changed to yellowish-red color, but they began to show the sign of changing.
Beside the color changing leaves, I really love the quiet environment at Kiyomasa-Ido. Being an introvert, I like it when I have an alone time at a quiet environment. I felt like it's just me, the nature, and God.

After Kiyomasa-Ido, I went to Yoyogi koen. It was beside the Meiji Jinja. But before I exited Meiji Jinja, I accidentally met these three lovely lady. I fall in love in the first sight and couldn't resist the urge to take a photo of them. So, I asked the mother if I'm allowed to take a photo of all of them. :)


Next is Yoyogi koen.

At the park, I was enthralled by the pretty colors of the tree. Some of them already showed autumn colors. It was pretty so I took a lot of pictures here ♡

It was pretty crowded when I came. There're family, couples, groups of friends hang out together, and some group of young people practicing or taking photoshoots. There were also people brought their pet(s) for a walk.

I think the park is perfect for a date, no? :D

There was one thing that surprised me. When I was about to cross the small brigde, a big crow was sitting at the edge of the bridge. It was so calm. When I was about to take a picture of it, suddenly it turned its head towards me and began to hop towards me.

It stopped after our distance was about 15-20 cm. \(≧∇≦)/
It was calm even when I took the photos. How lovely ♡ !! I never been so close to a wild bird before, specially a big one like the crow. (≧∇≦)

And no, I don't zoom in my camera.

When I was walking leisurely at the park -enjoying myself of the pretty trees around me-, I heard some noises outside the park. There's a festival just right beside the park, so I decided to drop by before I went back home.

They sold a lot of stuff, from food, souvenirs, to clothes. There're some country booth too, like Korean, Thailand, and Chinese booth. They sold things like kimchi, Thai food, and so on..

It was nice to see that Tokyo began to change color. I was content that week. It was perfect.
The next day was a public holiday so I decided to go to Kawagoe. I have saved some photos for the post, so please stay tune! ;)

See you next week!


photos are taken by me using Sony α 5000
edited with Photoshop CS6

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Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Indeed, one fine day ^^

    Lovely photos you've captured, thank you for sharing!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. lovely shots! <33

    cheer, michelle


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