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Hello! As always, I never really write back here.... Life, so far so good; with a bit of school project that takes 85% of my times. It's the last project before I have to face my exam and final presentation and got my oh-so-deserved-holiday.

Pre-collection of Ag.C

Not much happening after my winter holiday, but good vibes. Sure, the projects are killing me deep inside, but the praises got me hang in the cliff. Seriously. Before my winter break, I felt like I made a mistake by coming to Tokyo, and what not, all my school scores are not that good; just your usual B and B- there and there.. Forgive me not, if I stayed at Jakarta, I would be graduated already and had my own brand. But scratch that, I'm stuck with the school still.....

I really hated my life 2 months ago, and was thinking what should I do to actually be free.... I was able to hang on until the last moment before I actually broke down that I have to talk to my teacher about this shitty problem of mine. Her encouragement was really helpful and made me feel better. She pointed out my improvement in those 9 months and trying to convince me to talk on her if something happening or I have problems. Thanks to her (and my lovely translator and friends), I were able to go through my crisis.

Seriously, kids! If you're thinking to go to fashion school and thinking like it's only drawing and sewing, with a lot of free time to go shopping, or the chances to attend fashion show and be a blogger, better think twice, no, hundreds time before you actually enrolled to one (and if someone actually say it in front of me, then I'll make sure to punch them in the face).

The real fashion school is hell. Believe me! Unless it's your true passion, don't even try to dip your feet there. Sure, the main subjects are design and pattern-making class that consist of drawing, coloring, and sewing; but it doesn't stop there........

In design class:
You have to do research,
have yourself inspired and full of imagination while there's no time to find inspiration because you're stuck inside the classroom or your room doing your project,
keep up with the trend,
be as creative as f*ck when trying to figure what kind of original fabric and print without being accused as copy-cat;
and in the same time still have to connect with your project theme and concept,
have to discover your preference and style in design,
have to come up with around 30 design every project,
have an illustrator skill and able to do more than one technique to draw and color your design,
have a photoshop and illustrator skill,
have to come up with new silhouette and details for your collection.

In pattern-making class:
have your logic running in pattern class,
able to do basic math,
have to analyze your design and come up with the measurement,
able to imagine how the lines will form the silhouette and work from there,
have to be super careful when tracing,
have to keep redoing your pattern to be able to make the right silhouette based on your design,
able to do CAD for pattern (computer based pattern-making) that's confusing as hell,
have to remember all the step when sewing,
make sure it's sewn right on the seam line or you have to redo it,
have to remember to iron your fabric before cutting, after some sewing step, and after finish sewing,

and there're other classes as well.....
history, croquis, 3D class, computer class, and some might have fashion marketing class......

Some of us might not have time to shower before go to school, have to put make-up on our way to school or just give up on putting make-up, and pull all-nighter every now and then....

All you see on instagram is just the tiny bit of our school life....... that glamorous life, it's just the 1%....

But then, when you're finished with the sewing process and can actually wear your own creation, all your all-nighter, your tears, your hard work are paid off.... and it's totally worth it! :)

So, are you still up for fashion school? Kindly tell me below~


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photos are taken by my friend, Sarah
coat are my product for school project - A/W 2016/2017

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

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  3. This is so unique leather coat. Look Good :)

    xx Emma


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