I finally graduated!

Hello sweeties~!

After selfishly being absent for a year, I'm happy to announce that I'm back and will keep writing! I knew so well that I was not always that busy, but I was a bit lazy to think and write... I prefered to go out and hang out with my friends or just play games or just, well, sleep... and then half the year was spent on my graduation project...

It was a great year -nice friends and nice teachers.... I got to do some collaboration project for ESMOD Annual International Meeting too... You might have seen it if you followed my instagram.. ;) If not, then follow me, sweeties~

Back to my graduation project, sweeties... After all struggles of the preparation, I had all the fun doing the photoshoot! :D All thanks to my friends back in Tokyo who helped me with the photoshoot.. That was my first time doing photoshoot, and we did it on the street in the middle of winter while my clothes are for spring-summer collection.. I feel bad for my models, but all of us had fun nonetheless.. :D And the photoshoot turned out to be real good, all the judges and teachers gave good comments on it.

Here're a bit preview of the photoshoot result ♡

talents: Li Amy and Chitose Hikari
photographer: Angga Yudistia, Ando Megumi
make-up & hairstylist: Yemima Lim

See you again soon! ╭(^▽^)╯

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