Graduation Trip

Hello again sweetheart (^⌣^)ʃ

I've been wanting to explore Kyushuu area ever since forever, and I got the chance right after graduation. My parents and I planned a trip to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Yufuin. I actually wanted to go to Fukuoka and more places near Nagasaki, but since my parents have another schedule right after our trip, I just packed all of it into 1 week vacation.

Why Hiroshima-Nagasaki?

Because of my dad influence, I always feel I have to learn something new whenever I travel. It can be everything like the local culture, history, the art performance, festival, anything! And this time, both my dad and I felt like visiting the memorial of world first atomic bombing to actually remind us the effect of war and well, it's part of my country's history too.....


We went to Miyajima Island first thing in the morning. A bad move when the tide will go down in the afternoon to evening, but it's still beautiful nonetheless... We need to cross to the island with ferry, but it's cheap. The island itself is quite big and there are more than just the floating torii.. As we don't have a lot of time (as we kept stopping every 5 minutes to take pictures), we only go around the the Itsukushima Shrine, the torii, and the five-floored pagoda.

excuse my bangs.. D:

After Miyajima Island, we went to Atomic Bombing Memorial Dome. The feeling when you saw a picture of the A-Bombing Dome and actually going there is so different. There're the victim memorial hall and museum, and students project wishing for world peace. They also have local tour guide to explain about the historical stories behind this dome.

There's also a bridge near Hiroshima station (and it's literally beside our hotel) and it's a nice place to take picture too..


As for Nagasaki, we decided to stay a bit longer here due to a lot of tourist attraction and nearby amusement park, Huis ten Bosch. You can see there are influnces from chinese and western countries in Nagasaki as they have a lot of chinese temple and church. Even the atmosphere is not like in Japan. When I was there, there's no international tourist on my sight, or maybe it's just my bad timing. But I really love the place.

Some places I visited in Nagasaki:
 ● Oura Church
 ● Clover Garden (literally beside Oura Church)
 ● Nagasaki Peace Park
 ● Sofukuji Temple
 ● Chinatown
 ● Urakami Cathedral

Oura Church

Clover Garden
sofukuji temple
ruin of the original urakami cathedral
Nagasaki Peace Park

After walking around the city, we decided to go to Huis ten Bosch, an amusement park located in between Fukuoka and Nagasaki. It was beautiful, every corner can be snapped and put into your social media. And according to mom, it's not as childish as disneyland, so she was happy when I brought her here. Her reason was the tulip flower. We enjoyed our time here, but the weather was against us that day. ^^a the wind was horrible and it's really cold. Maybe a trip around May or June would be better.


Could you see? Our pictures had to be taken several times due to the wind... and when you're travel alone with your parents, you just can't expect your picture would turn out all good, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's weird. Everytime I took pictures, the wind blows, and in the end I had to put on my sunglasses just to make everything a bit better...


After Nagasaki, we went our way across Kyushuu and found ourself in a small onsen town with the-oh-so-cute small shop along the main street. It was quite far from the big city and the train was not as frequent as in Oita. Most of the visitor are from Japan and Korea, as it's not main destination for most countries. But let's give this cute town a bit of exposure. 

If you're a fan of Ghibli, or if you love cute places, cute food, cute shops, and onsen, you definitely have to come here.

Love this floral village

I can't recommend specific shop or food, or in better words, you have to try every food they sell since everything looked good...... and our trip was ended in Yufuin. It was hard to leave the place, but I'm sure I will go back again.... and I'll see you again in next post ;)

pssttt............ tell me which one is your favorite place or if it's in your wishlist bucket.. or if you have question or if you want some tips and trick for your trip to Japan ;)


Photos are taken with iPhone X
by mom, dad, and I (we just take turn)

See you again sweetheart!

Anastasia Goenawan

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