Sweet Escape to Osaka

Hello again everyone! :)

How're you guys doing? So far so good?
Mine is not as good, the stress from the school projects starts to tire me out. I've been feeling so sleepy lately and don't have much energy to be as cheerful as before. I need a short escape... ƪ( ● ▿▿▿▿ ● )ʃ

Speaking of short escape, last month I went to Osaka to fulfill my dream of Harry Potter world in USJ. I finally got a taste of Butterbear and got a taste of the wizard world. If you don't want to waste your time in the line, you have to buy express ticket to Harry Potter world (can be used for 2 attraction).

If you're going to Japan with tour group, your USJ ticket should have been included inside the package, but if you're going by yourself, I recommend you to go to japanese local tour company (usually can be found in the station or some department store). They will give you the best deal ever! The package is included 3-4 star hotel, round trip shinkansen tickets, and the USJ ticket (if you want to buy express ticket, you can buy from them too).

Beware of this sign!! You're entering the zombie zone!

It was in Halloween season when I go so the theme park was actually being decorated in Halloween theme. Not to mention they open seasonal haunted houses and after the sun set, the staff were going around the park in zombie and other halloween characters' costume. They actually chase the visitor.. It was so fun. Please note the season when you're visiting! Around december, all the theme park will be decorated in christmas theme, so don't miss it!

It was such a short trip because I only have several day off before school started again. After spending the first day inside the theme park, I spent the second day around Dotonbori area to fulfill my friend's dream of tasting okonomiyaki and takoyaki in Osaka. :D After Dotonbori we went to Gudetama Cafe, but it will be written in other post, so wait for it! :) In the evening we went back to Tokyo with shinkansen again... 

Before I say goodbye, let's see the highlight of the tour...

Our Hotel ♡
We got Sheraton hotel in our tour package. The room was quite big and comfortable! So did the bathroom... After two years living in Japan, finally I can get to rest my body in the bathtub and having a relaxing bath...

Pardon our luggages...

Food ♡
Basically we only eat this takoyaki and okonomiyaki before we went back to Tokyo ^^a we didn't eat a lot, so these food actually satisfied our tummy for the day.

That's for my short gateaway to Osaka! More outfit post I took in USJ will also be written in separate post! :) See you again soon!


photos are taken by Yemima Lim and me,
using Samsung Camera and Sony Alpha 5000

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  1. Ahhh, I miss Osaka and The Wizarding World too much. ;_;
    But don't worry, reading this makes me smile remembering the last time I was actually there. <3

    Best wishes,

  2. You look amazing! Love the color match :) Obsessed with your look <3


  3. Wow, I’m just really happy that I fint your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back.

  4. I also visit USJ around Halloween time. The zombie chasing event is indeed fun! :D


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