[Sponsored Post] Choker fever is back

Hello again, everyone! Have you realized that lately a lot of girls have been wearing choker around their neck? I don't know if it's also happening in western countries, but in Japan and Korea, the fever seems to be there. I was not really fond of choker before, since it feels like I'm being cuffed, but this time around I found it kinda appealing. Thanks to variation of the design ♡

So when I got the chance, I grabbed mine from Born Pretty Store, my favorite online store to get my accessories. This time around, I got myself these adorable babies. Check them out!

Born Pretty Store actually has a lot of choker design you can choose from, but I chose this one because of the thick material. I had similiar material for necklace and when it's too thin, it's easy to break, so I carefully think about the thickness of the material. Despite this thought, I really love the design of the choker, specially the gem pendant.

The second baby is this fox bracelet. The material is still the same as the choker, but with different color and thickness. I personally love fox and the picture for the pendant is really cute, don't you think so? I just love any bracelet that has lot of layer (can it even called layer?)

The third one is typical necklace that I'd buy, the long chain necklace. I love to wear long necklace, but the typical gold or silver chain is pretty boring for me so when I saw this all black chain and geometric shape for the pendant, I fall in love in the first sight and just knew that I have to have it! Doesn't it just adorable?

The last one is still has the geometric shape, but this one is bracelet. I actually rarely wear this kind of bracelet since it doesn't suit my sporty style, but when I want to dress up a little nicely and classy, this bracelet comes in handy. It's pretty nice to match with your blouse or dress.

Beside all those four, you can check their collection in their website! They offer free shipping worldwide and I offer you 10% off with my code if you decided to buy yourself some nice accessories. Just use my code AGT10 at your checkout!

So, in those four, which one is your favorite? Share with me down below! :)

See you next time!


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with Sony alpha 5000 and Samsung Camera (sadly I don't know the series)

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