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[Part 1]
Taking a step out of your comfort zone

Hi, how are you guys? It's been a while. . . I know I always write this as my opening, since I rarely update my blog nowdays. I'm really sorry about it, but since I don't have the mood and idea what to write, I chose not to update rather than giving you a crap. This time I want to share something about life.

As you know I've been living in Tokyo since last October. After all this time, I finally notice that my life has been changing rapidly before I know it. Once, I was a little spoiled princess, really, but know I know how to manage my live and I think I'm still growing to be more independent. Before I move to Japan, I never do any house chores except for the lebaran time, I never cook, I never think about paying bills. But now I need to do all that, alone. The hardest thing is to manage all of that along with working and studying. So much different compared to when I was living with my parents. All I have to do is study and play hard. Now I know my mom's feeling, has to work, manages all the cash flow, pay bills, listens to dad and our complains everyday, accompany me to go shopping and such. No wonder she often forgets things. She indeed a super mom.

Inspite of the hard things, I think I change a lot after being alone for 8 months. Since I need to learn everything the hard way, and I have to manage all of things alone, I believe I'm walking in a good path. I never think of myself as an adventurer, or a high-risk taking people. I always choose to play safe. But when your childhood dream and your purpose in life being tied in front of your eyes to be caught, who wouldn't waver and choose it instead of the calm water. I will never say it's an easy choice. Every choice I made came with both positive and negative side. I had to leave all my important person back in Jakarta, my comfort zone, only to walk alone here. But thanks to my bold decision, I got more in return.

New friends, new connection. New adventure, new opportunities. All of them made me realized I'm lucky to get this stupid bold decision of mine being granted, even though I need to learn the hard way. I'm sure that some things are better being experienced first hand, rather than to hear from other people's experiences. The most important point is, the event you might stumble upon would be different with the others. Same as we're unique, the path we took will also give us different outcome. All depend on your steps and decision. So don't worry to try new thing, meet new people, and go out from your comfort zone. It will be uncomfortable at first, but the result is far more greater than that.


 The photos are taken in Disneysea, Tokyo, but rather than writing about my fun day to get you jealous, I rather use these photo while writing about my thought. Beside, I believe most of you already visit Disneyland countless time, so what's the meaning of me bragging about my once in a lifetime visit.

Hype my lookbook:


Photographers Karin Kameliani
Edited by me
Taken by Sony alpha 5000

Anastasia Goenawan

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