Korean Trip part 2: Gangwon-do

Hello again guys! Here it is my second part of my previous trip to Korea. I know it's like super super super late and the hype is not there anymore, but I'm busy with my school and I have to write this post at class. I mean, literally. So don't blame me if my blog is lacking any update. Anyhow, I plan to enslave my little sister to help me with photography when I'm at my summer break! Ho-ho-ho! Yes, I'm going back to Jakarta this summer and I hope I can update more. I personally hope it's going to be fashion update and not trip update again....

OK! I actually plan to write 3 days in one post but it will be super long like the previous post and I don't want to mix it up. This post is going to be focused in my trip to Nami Island, Petite France, and The Garden of Morning Calm.

It's all began with a not so early morning where I had to go to Insadong to catch my bus to go to Nami Island. I did my research before the trip, from variety show and internet, and I'm interested in Petite France and the garden. I tried my best to plan it up. I even made it so that I could watch the winter illumination at The Garden of Morning Calm in the last day (27 March), but to do so I have to stay until 8 pm at Gangwon-do.

Nami Island entrance

When I listened to the Nami bus staff's explanation, I almost waver and didn't go to The Garden of Morning Calm because their service ends at 6pm and the local bus service ended around the same time. The key is ALMOST. Ha-ha-ha. They said I won't be able to go back to Seoul in the same day if I go to the garden and wanted to stay until 8pm. I decided to be stubborn and follow my first plan; Nami Island, Petite France, and then the last one is The Garden of Morning Calm.

At first I plan to spend 3 hours at Nami Island and go to Petite France around 13.00, but it didn't work. Nami Island is really pretty even it's not autumn or winter, so I basically walk really slow and taking so much pictures. What I didn't like is it was packed with people, so to take one picture in a spot I liked, it took times.

Oh! I personally wanted to try the zipwire to enter Nami Island like the variety show, 2 Days 1 Night, but I have to pay 38.000 won. If you compare to the normal ferry fee, it's so expensive. 8.000 won and 38.000 won is too much. I thought if it's around 15.000 won I will try the zipwire. Maybe next time.

the said zipwire

After finished my lunch at Nami Island, I decided to catch a bus to my next destination; Petite France. I was late though, like for 3 minutes *roll eyes*, so I have to wait for another 57 minutes for the next bus. It took me around 20-30 minutes to arrive at Petite France.

I arrived at Petite France and I only have one and half hour to go around Petite France. It's quite small so it was quite satisfying. I got to walk around the place and taking pictures, and even buying souvenirs. It's good to come here with friends or family, but I think once is enough to visit the place.

Around 16.00, I decided to catch the bus to go to The Garden of Morning Calm. It's said to be closed around 18.00, so if I want to catch a glimpse of the place, I think it will be nice to go there on 16.00 and have 2 hours to walk around. But it was not the case! The staff told me a false information, and when I finally arrived, I asked the ticketing staff about the closing hour and she said it's 20.00, and there's bus until 20.30. I was pretty upset that I have to hurry when I was in Petit France, and it's too early to come to the Morning Calm Garden. Thanks to the false information, I have 2 hours more to spend in the garden.

My tips is, always recheck the schedule with the staff. They might have different information for you. Or if you're a stubborn fella and are up for unexpected adventure, just go with your own plan. hahaha...

Small Chapel

After the sun set, the illumination began..... As it's getting darker, the more beautiful the garden became. Since it's full with people, I have to be patient and wait for several minutes to take pictures. But it was worthed it! :)

The real hardest part is when I have to go back to Seoul. Without understanding where I was going, I took the train from Cheong Pyeong Station as it was the last stop for the last local bus service for the day. One ahjussi told me which ticket should I buy when I was confused about the ticket. He speaks Korean, so I can only ask "Seoul?" as it's the only word he might understand if I speak in english. He said something in Korean and I took it as a 'yes'. hahaha... So i bought the ticket and wait for the train to come. It was exhausting day, but I got a lot of beautiful picture.

The rest of the trip was only about palace visit, culinary trip, and shopping..... So, until next time ;)


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pictures are taken with Sony alpha 5000

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. when did you go garden morning calm? What month/season?
    If it's not in winter(ex: autumn), was the garden still as beautiful as in winter ? (Beautiful : full of light)

    1. I went around march, right before the winter illumination closed down for the year. I never go there beside winter time so i can't judge whether it's as pretty or not, but maybe you can check the website and think about it. :) I personally want to go there around summer though..

  2. i love these photos,and they are so beautiful.
    Lovely photos! :)


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