[Japan Outfit #2] Warm me up

I haven't greet you guys with proper greetings and post lately, and i'm sorry for that. I've been busy with past holiday with my family, some fun with my besties, and of course my unfinished thesis. All of them made me find no time for the blog -not to forget i was busy sorting and editing all holiday photos into proper size and folder.

I actually prepared some outfit photos from when i was in Japan (because i forgot to take some proper photos of the outfit, i made them up in Jakarta instead), and some when i was in Lombok-Bali. Yet, thanks to my business and all the fun i had, i neglected them all. So please bear with the super late outfit post.

I'll be quick so i can continue my thesis progress since the deadline is coming. See you again later guys!

What i wore:
Gaudi denim top inside | Stradivarius sweater | Jeans from Mangga Dua
Payless Boots | Socks Gallery Socks | Backpac from Spain

It was super comfy and warm to wear the socks over my jeans.

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photographer: Stephany F. Goenawan
edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Cute outfit :)) You are so chic~

  2. I love the backpack so much!! HYPED!!
    I just followed you via GFC, please check out my blog :) xx
    ~Mannie (mightymannie.blogspot.com)

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  3. i think preppy look suits you :D


  4. lovely anasss :D
    love the sweater so much x3 mind to follow me back??

    cheer, michelle


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