[Prologue] Blue Heaven

Taken in Gili Trawangan, on late May, 5-6 AM.

I was staying up late the night before to get my thesis some progress, and my room door got knocked bt my mom at 5 AM. Yes. Lately, i always try to catch sunrise and sunset everytime i go travelling. This time, it's not as good as when i was in Wakatobi. But i managed to take some picture somehow. You can get better sunrise if you go around Oct -they said.

What do you think?

I'm not a pro in this area, just love taking pictures of things around me -aannnd these are what i got that day. Pretty lovely i think, the scenery of the beach when there's nobody up from their bed yet -only my parents and me occupied the beach.

Some side story:
I prepare an outfit and review post for tomorrow, since my internet kinda slow today -i can't even open my cafe games this night. poor me. Please stay tune! xx


photos are taken and edited by me

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