I'm a kid -forever kid.

All of us like storytales, imaginary worlds, castles, and of course fairies (who doesn't love them?). It's a never ending dream for all of us; boys and girls, kids and adults -as long as they have a child's heart and spirit deep inside. That's why there're lots of theme park like Disneyland, Universal Studio, and Lotte World to satisfy our hunger of imaginary world. Don't you think so?

As a fan of storytale, disney princess and imaginary world, it's like a dream come true for me to visit all kind of theme park. At least, i want to see and feel how it is like to live inside this amazing world. I haven't visit all of the available theme park all over the world, but my favorite so far is Disneyland. LOL~ yep-yep, i totally love fairytales and i'm happy to see Disney princess' characters inside. Not to forget all of cartoon characters i grow up with can be found in Disneyland, like Peter Pan, Winne the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and many more~. I will never get enough of theme park as long as i live.

So~.... I visited Disneyland when i was in Tokyo. It's huge and crowded. Really, you have to pay attention to the local holiday. sigh~* BUT! I had fun there even though i regretted not buying baby Pooh doll in its souvenirs shop. D: I really want one..huhu..

What i wore:
Stitch tee - Mangga Dua | Denim Shorts - Mangga Dua
Cat tattoo stocking - Chatefortu | Army Fall Jacket - ZARA
Shoes - New Look | Backpack from Spain

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See you later!

Anastasia G

photographer: Angel Goenawan
edited by me

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. wowww... lucky you.... I want to visit Japan too <3 my best friend is living there now T.T hope you have a great time ^^

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    Thank youuuu <3


  2. great blog!

  3. simple outfit <3
    love it!


  4. Great note. Super pictures! :)

    + Please visit our blogs. :)

    "Everyone needs to dissolve the mean time, not only in words."

  5. take me to Japan T.T

    backpacknya lucu btw :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  6. Loving these lovely pictures :)


  7. Beautiful pics, love the bag! :)


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