One of the best of my life

Happiness came from the little simple things happened around us. Don't you think so?
For me, it always the case. Either when it was mean for me, or from other people's happy day.

For example, today.
It's my beloved cousin's birthday, but somehow it could really boost my mood even though I had to wake up earlier than usual for school business.
Even though I was sleepy in the morning (laugh), and I can not really concentrate on the lesson (sorry sensei!).

Well, after class I got to call her and talked to her for a bit. I was happy to at least hear a voice I missed so much (her cempreng voice). Then on my way home, my melancholic side somehow popped up and I ended up looking at our photos to post on instagram.

And then, I remembered our happy memories from our childhood friends and the photos that showed how close we were when we were just babies. Or when she's cheating on our monopoly games to help me out and got busted red-handed by her older sister. Even the moment where I one-sidedly mad at her for breaking our promises. As far as I remembered, that was the only time we 'fight' after 24 years of friendship (?). LOL~ 

I often sleep over at her place when we were young, talking about anything from school events, friends, family gossips, our idols, films, book, even boys we like. Haha. We basically share everything together. I just wish our relationship will stay close as it is now even after we have our own family. XD

Anyway, this bubbly feeling got the best of me, so before the day change (in WIB time), I want to post something. XD

Really, family can never be replaced by anything (sorry my soulmates, my family came first). LOL.

Anastasia Goenawan

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