One day trip to Kawagoe

View from outside the train station

Hello everyone!
Last month I went to this pretty place, just at the north side of Tokyo. I heard they have a small area that consists of traditional Japanese houses, and I was very excited to check it out. They also have another small street that sold a lot of sweets and traditional snacks.

Let's check the ame street first (candy street).


It was fun to walk around this street when you're a big fan of sweets and snacks! :D do visit and remember your childhood happy memories! :D

Next is the main attraction of the city. They have a lot of beautiful old houses that sold almost everything, from food, drinks, to souvenirs. It's about 1 km long, so you can take your time walking around, buy some food and drinks, and take some beautiful photos!

One of the souvenirs shop~

Totally beautiful, right? *__*

Ice cream shop

This place is not too big, so you can spend maybe 3-4 hours here, and move to other tourist attraction spot. Maybe it's not as pretty as in Kyoto, but when you live in Tokyo and it's impossible to go to Kyoto soon, you can definitely go and check this place out! :D

Next destination place to share is Nikko. It's a super beautiful place, and mostly natured theme tourist attraction, so please stay tune! ;)

See you again soon!


photos are taken by me,
using Sony alpha 5000

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. great shots! :)

    cheer, michelle

  2. Lovely captured moments ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. great pictures.
    loe the place. look beautiful.

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