Quick Gateaway to Nikko

 Hi guys! I knew I have been to Nikko like a month ago and have promised you about this post, but I didn't find a good time to post it (what a bad blogger). Yep, I went there in Oct or Nov. Haha.. *feeling guilty*

But.. but.. but.. Here I gave you the post.. :D They got some pretty spot with momiji leaves everywhere~ :D

The lake

The truth is, I was pretty lazy to go since I had to get up at 6am (and it was freezing in Nikko). I was overslept and almost missed the train. LOL~ Thanks God I made it.. I met a lot of new friends there, most are foreigners. They're all kind.. Hope we can go to together again...

They got a pretty waterfall there~

After we finished our free time, we went down to take some picture of their famous bridge, Shinkyo Bridge, and walked around the Rinnoji Temple. Here the picture of the beautiful places.

We went to the Japanese Garden while we were at the Rinnoji Temple. They got a beautiful lightning when it got dark...


My trip was officially ended after finished my tour at the Japanese Garden. They still have a lot of good place, so I will go there again next time.. :D

See you again soon!


photos are taken with Sony α 5000, unedited (too lazy).
Some of pictures with me inside was taken by my friends.
 If you want to use my picture for whatever it is, please tell me and link back. :D

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. the place looks beautiful! I miss Japan so much <3 hope you're having so much fun living there!

    Pudding Monster

  2. Hi, there! I'm currently on my blogwalking routine when I found your lovely blog.
    I just came back from Japan trip last December and I must admit I missed Japan so much. Reading your blog makes me realize that I should really come back there. :)

  3. Wow... beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing, I hope that I can follow your trail to visit Japan in the future. Happy new year, by the way ^^

    noniq's diary | A blog by Noniq


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