Merry Christmas!

It's this kind of the time where everywhere are decorated in white, red, green, brown, gold, or blue! Yep, yep, yep~ The christmas is here~ \(^o^)/

So. . . .

This is my first time celebrating christmas without my family, in a far away country too...
All the decorations are pretty, sure....., but the spirit, and the happiness is not there.
Well, I'm happy, but yeah~ you know what I mean. LOL~
Everywhere I go, there are couples celebrating christmas, while in Indonesia, Christmas is being celebrated with family.
Christmas in Japan seems like a glamour event, so I don't feel the real christmas spirit here.
Just party, party, and dating. *laughing*

Maybe because this is my first year, I'm not used to celebrate christmas this way. But I'm having fun nonetheless. I went to Roppongi yesterday with my friends. They have light illumination there, and the trees are decorated in lightbulb.

My friends were busy taking pictures~ XD

Sorry for the bad lightning....

It's the same road we saw from the bridge (the white tree-light).

Right after my friend took the picture above, the light changed back to white-blue. It's so bright that I could take some selca ♡

The lightning in this photo was better, but look who suddenly pop out behind me... (-__-')

After taking a lot of picture, we went and saw the light illumination.. It was famous, considering there're lot of people watching it.

See the sneakpeek of the illumination here... The complete version can be seen on my youtube channel HERE

After wathing the light illumination, we went to eat.... But before that, this pretty decoration caught my eyes~

The simple yet beautiful decoration.

My food~

Have a blessed Christmas and enjoy your holiday!


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photos are taken by my friends and I using my iphone5s.

Anastasia Goenawan


  1. Ohh I love when everything becomes illuminated by bright lights at Christmas time! ^ ^

  2. huwaaaa bagus bangettttt xD xD
    makanannya juga keliatan enakkkk :laper:



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