Picked [Your] Dress!

Hello, everyone! How’s your day? For me, it couldn’t be better. I’m officially on my winter break so I’m pretty much have time to update my blog without worrying about test or homework.

Lately I’ve been strolling around websites when I found this lovely website, pickedresses.  They’re a store based in Canada, and focused on prom dresses. Well, I’m already graduated from high school so you may say I don’t need prom dresses. But hey! These dresses are so pretty that I can’t help myself to share with you guys. Maybe you need one for your upcoming prom, or just a cocktail party, or maybe your family or friend’s wedding party.

As for me, I will never be satisfied with my dresses collection. Everytime there’s a party invitation, I just need the perfect dresses, no? Sometimes I made a tailor-made dresses for the occassion, but sometimes the price is too expensive. That’s why I love to see around the internet to find a good dresses with affordable prices.

So, I strolled down this lovely website and I fall in love with their White Prom Dresses Collection!! I totally love this section because my favorite color is white. We all knew that white resembles purity and elegance. It can be mixed with another color to create another kind of images too.

For example, if you want to create a glamour vibe, you can mix white with gold or silver color (and add some swarovsky there and there). If you want to be a little bit playful, you can mix your white dress with bright color color. Basically you can play with colors for your white dresses to look completely into your taste and style!

Okay, let’s see this sneakpeek of their website!








So, which one is your favorite? For me, it’s this one.


I really love the flowers details on this dress, and the bow on the back side. The flowers gave me a feminine touch, but not too much. I specially love how the small touch of the pink and purple color to make the flowers more pop-out.


I love the gold beading on this dress. Like I said before, gold color really make your white dress more glamour and elegant. If you want to look more mature without leaving your youth vibe behind, I think this dress is perfect.


This dress is lovely with the chiffon material and some sequined material beneath. With its simple design, it looked more beautiful and elegant. :)

So, have you found your favorites yet?
If you don’t find your favorite yet, don’t worry. Just go and checked their website by yourself. You might find your favorite there! :D Goodluck!

See you again soon!

Anastasia Goenawan


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