[Sponsored Post] New Necklace Obsession

Hello again! A post before this weekend end and I's stuck with my school project, again. Actually I plan to write this one long time ago, but I can only manage to post this post for my sponsor now because I was really busy with my own study for these past 4 months. :(

OKAY! So, I've been up to do collaboration with BornPrettyStore again this time, and as usual, they never let me down. This time I got to get my hand on these three necklaces.

Lately I've been into beach since it's summer, so this necklace got my interest since the first glance. It practically scream "SEA! BEACH!" The chain is the long one, so it's good to wear it with my simple blouse or t-shirt.

The second one remind me of my favorite heroine character from Harry Potter, Hermione Granger. It's actually a replica of her Time Turner necklace. It's really lovely, but the necklace chain's not as long as the first one, it's more like not too short nor too long. For me who like my necklace long, it's kinda hard not to feel weird the first time I wear it, but it still look good with my simple t-shirt, or maybe we can pair it up with a v-neck t-shirt. ;)

The third one is the glow in the dark one! :D Yeah, these three are my current obsession. The chain is pretty short, so it will look good with V-neck t-shirts or shirt, just open up one or two buttons ;)

So, which one is your favorite? :D They also have a lot of choices in their website, so make sure you check it out. Use my code AGT10% at your checkout! :D

See you again soon!

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