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A little bit after going back to Indonesia, I went to one of my best friend's wedding in Samarinda, Borneo. A short trip and a reunion. I haven't meet them for almost 4 years, and I was so glad I could make it. It was a month ago though, but I still feel happy for my friend and her husband. :) all the best wishes for both of them.

shirt: ggshop | outer: Le Muse | pants: H&M | bag: Kol Me Baby | Shoes: Nokha

After my little reunion with my ESMOD friends, I have to go back to Tokyo for family emergency issues, so yeah, I'm back in Tokyo. My plan on working got postponed for several months. I was kinda excited to start working, but let just say God wanted me to have longer holiday. I will write some post about Tokyo, so stay tuned!

So far, I've been wandering around Harajuku and Omotesando since my apartment is in Aoyama, and I only need 10-15 minutes walk to Omotesando. Got to spend time in the hospital for some time too, so I haven't roaming around other area. It's not me who got admitted to the hospital, but one of my family member.

There are some things I noticed after going in and out of the hospital for two weeks. It's so different from hospital in Jakarta. The patients are free to roam around, like sitting in the lounge, go down to buy their own snack in the convinience store at 2nd floor, and having visitor(s) in the lounge area. The nurse have to see you drink the medicine before they proceed to take your blood pressure and your temperature. The food menus change everyday and they actually balance the diet (they put your name and room number on each tray to make it feel more personal). And we have to put back the tray ourselves, this is one of the nicest point, like you still have to be independent. LOL.

shoes by Nokha

Next I will update more about my first journey to Gotemba, so stay tune!


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