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Hello lovelies! I'm back after two months of vacation and wrecking my brain for something new. YES! You read it right! I keep growing as a human being and with all that constant changing, I just feel like the previous blog concept is outdated. I can't deny that I've been pouring all my attention to instagram and no love (and time) for my blog, but I just feel like I need to figure myself out before doing anything to this blog. So, if you haven't actually notice the change in my blog layout and everything, I will just write it out for you right from the start!

Riiiigghht...! It all started from the end of June when I finally came back to Jakarta for good, with the idea of working in fashion brand before I started out my own brand officially. And while waiting for the company to call me, I found myself with so many free-time that made me mentally sick. I actually went over some downs rather than up with all those free-time; I'm feeling like I'm so lazy and have no future and all that crazy shit. I even complained on my instagram, you can just scroll it down, with my mind struggling to make a productive life (with constant nagging from my parents and family).

Hat ZARA | Tshirt H&M | Dungarees Pull & Bear | Jacket Uniqlo | Shoes Adidas x Alexander Wang

To make it short, I'm blessed with the constant support from my social-media friends to keep on going and do what I love to do. I began to think hard about what I want to do in my life, what things mattered to me, and how to achieve that dream. So many people successed on theirs already and I think I can also do it, if I try hard and have the consistency (one that I lack). With all the support from my social media friends and couple of my real-life friends, I began to turn back into positivity, self-love, passion, and of course, life/social-issues. I dug back my own life motto and verses that I held dear. Then I began to pour the idea on my instagram's caption and found that I'd love to share my point of view in life. Hence the idea came to me to actually start writing my blog again, with a different concept than before.

Bag Kol Me Baby

Don't get me wrong, I still love to dress up and all, but I want to make my post has more meaning rather than my half-ass knowledge about fashion (we have enough fashion influencers who have more knowledge than I am). So then I open my blog again today, and re-did the layout and trying to start again (for countless time in my life LOL).


So today's quote is

'Start your day with a smile,
and end it with a smile too.'


The reason was clearly explained on my instagram's caption and I'm not going to recite all of it here. Just go and visit my instagram and follow it damn it! 

And I will close this post with a poll.

What do you want me to discuss on my next post?
1. Single: The Best Time to Discover Yourself
2. How to: Be More Positive
3. Life in Jakarta vs Life in Tokyo; Which One is Better?
4. How to: Found Your Passion

I will put this poll on my FB and Instagram, so let me know in one of these platform, OK?
See you soon lovelies!


photos are taken with Fujifilm XT20
lens: 3.5mm, f 1,4
by Sannie Xen 
and edited by me with Adobe Lightroom and VSCO

Anastasia Goenawan

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